The Weirdest Ilnesses You hope not to be infected

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Until the year 1946, Tuberculosis was not curable, and patients were put into a sanatorium to prevent the disease from spreading through the communities. In 1946, the antibiotic Streptomycin was invented, and for the first time tuberculosis could be cured instead of just treating the symptoms. Better antibiotics and other drugs to cure this disease have been invented since then. Lymphatic filariasis currently affects 120 million people worldwide, and 40 million of these people are seriously diseased. Here is a list of 10 diseases that rarely affect people. In this form, the interval between attacks may be weeks, months or years.Nasty bout of hemorrhoids seems trivial Without treatment, syphilis can have severe medical consequences and can be debilitating or even fatal.

Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) is an involuntary neurological movement disorder caused by the use of dopamine receptor blocking drugs that are prescribed to treat certain psychiatric or gastrointestinal conditions. Long-term use of these drugs may produce biochemical abnormalities in the area of the brain known as the striatum. The reasons that some people who take these drugs may get tardive dyskinesia, and some people do not, is unknown ailments Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are all responsible for skin cancer being curable today. One 40 year old man had replaced cigarettes with carrots. There is no known cure or effective treatment for Morgellons. This illness is now curable by simply surgically removing the appendix, and often giving intravenous antibiotics following surgery to clear up any infection left in the body. PNP is a rare autoimmune bullous disease that causes blistering.
This very rare medical anomaly is characterized by the paralysis of the facial muscles. Curing this illness can involve surgery, radiation therapy, and possibly chemotherapy, depending on the stage of the cancer.
At one point in the past bacterial meningitis was considered fatal. This can be misinterpreted by others as being rude or stoic.

A very rare condition that is noticeable immediately at birth, and sometimes even before. Johnson's lawyer said of his client, 'He finds it hard to eat and obviously has difficulty going to the lavatory.
For most of history psoriasis was a skin disease that was incurable, but phototherapy has changed that. People with this condition have blue, plum, indigo or almost purple skin.
This medical anomaly is also referred to as Cranio-facial duplication.
Until the last decade, a heart attack was incurable, and was fatal most of the time. The disease is usually paired with Down's syndrome. This is no longer true, and if emergency medical treatment is sought the chances of surviving this once incurable illness is very good. Says neurologist Rachelle Doody, 'Often a patient will sit on the hand, but eventually it gets loose and starts doing everything again. Unless cured, a detached retina will usually lead to complete blindness. Within 36 hours, 7 wrestlers were covered with patches of pus-filled red bumps similar to pimples, and the rest succumbed later.. The dermatitis palastaie limosae, or “muddy wrestling rash”, may have been caused by manure-tainted mud. If left untreated, the disease can cause strokes, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease... The disease came about as a result of cannibalism, which is a ritualistic practice in which the tissues of others, especially the brain, were cooked and consumed.. Neale experienced an upset stomach, a sense of pressure in her head, and confusion.. The cause of the stripes is thought to result from mosaicism; they do not correspond to nervous, muscular, or lymphatic systems.
There are about 50 recorded cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome, in which people who have suffered strokes or other injuries adopt a new accent..S. The latter phenomenon is a recurring experience of people chronically deprived of sleep or suffering amphetamine/cocaine psychosis.
Perhaps the oddest case concerned a Norwegian woman who had fallen into a coma after being hit by shrapnel during an air raid in 1941.

The main characteristic is that patients are extremely startled by an unexpected noise or sight. It's not just twitching when someone sneaks up behind you.
Also known as hair-felting, this condition causes hair to form a tangled mass.

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